ArenaBowl XXII Key SaberCats – WR/LB Jason Geathers

Regular Season:

37 catches, 365 yards, 5 TDs

6 Rushes, 2 yards, 3 TDs

24.5 Tackles, 3 PBU, 4 FR


5 catches, 71 yards, 2 TDs

3 rushes, 18 yards, 1 TD

3.0 tackles, 1 PBU, 1 INT, 1 TD

Geathers was in the 2nd tier of jack linebackers during the regular season, behind Lawerence Samuels, DeJuan Alfonzo, and Sakeen Wright. He filled in at wide receiver early in the season when injuries hit James Roe and Rodney Wright, and returned to the offensive side of the ball when James Roe got hurt in the 3rd quarter of the playoff game against the Colorado Crush. He figures to be a large part of the offensive scheme against a Philadelphia Soul secondary that, while aggressive and athletic, is undersized and vulnerable to larger receivers like Geathers running comeback routes and going over the jack. He will also continue to play jack linebacker while occasionally being spelled by Garrett McIntyre on the defensive side, and perhaps newcomer Samora Goodson on the offensive side. And as the only SaberCat in recent memory to make any sort of contribution to the run game, he will probably play a key role when the SaberCats get inside the Soul 5 yard line.

His biggest game of the year was an 18 catch effort against the VooDoo, where he mainly served as Grieb’s safety valve, playing alongside the very green Cleannord Saintil (who incidentally is now the leader of the receiving core) and Josh Richey, now of the Dragons. Against a similar secondary in the Soul, he will probably draw Mike Brown or Brian Mance in most formations, except as the motion man, where he will meet Eddie Moten. If Geathers and Grieb take advantage of his size on the underneath routes, the 15+ yard passing game will open up for Rodney Wright, as will the screen passes for Cleannord Saintil. On defense he needs to have a nose for the ball, as Chris Jackson and Larry Brackins have a nose for turning 5 yard out routes into long touchdowns when just one defender tries to bring them down. Geathers and Watson have proven adept during the SaberCat 8 game win streak in helping out their DBs by keeping 7 yard passes from turning into 40 yard passes.


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