Better Know A SaberCat – K A.J. Haglund

Kicker of the Year in 2008. Smaller than me, yet has 31.5 tackles in 2 years. He set a league record for field goal percentage this year, though he definitely kicked a lot more field goals that the SaberCats wish were extra points. Incidentally, one of his four misses this year was a last second attempt against the Soul that would have given the SaberCats the win. He’s missed 3 PAT’s in the playoffs but has hit both field goal attempts. In a game as close as many anticipate for this ArenaBowl, even with the miss against the Soul earlier this year, coach Darren Arbet will probably not hesitate to put Haglund on the field with a chance to win or tie with a field goal. On kickoffs, with the closed off rectangular endzones and Haglund’s propensity to put the football in the slack net, San Jose gains a clear advantage in the special teams game. The best way to make Philadelphia struggle is to force them to start from inside their own 5, and keep the ball away from the exceptional Mike Brown. The more touchbacks, the better. Without a doubt, the diminutive kicker will be involved in some of the most critical plays in the game.


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