Oh thank FSM

Mindless optimism reigns supreme once again….

No one knows who the quarterback is gonna be. And they should probably be fearing for their lives anyway if the line is anything like last years. Mike Nolan seems to be more Michael Scott than Jack Donaghy. Alex Smith is on his last chance. J.T. O’Sullivan (Aggies!) could be the starter. Issac Bruce wearing red is gonna be weird. But it all can’t possibly be as bad as last year, right? At least it’s gotta be more entertaining. We all know Mike Martz is batshit crazy when it comes to playcalling, but its not Jim “3 and Out” Hostler. And hopefully there’s some semblance of a pass rush this year. The defense was good but overextended last year. Patrick Willis and whoever plays next to him will likely still have to make 250+ tackles this year. And it looks like its a long way to September 7th. But there’s football on TV tomorrow. And thank the FSM for that.


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